Bric’s Life Collection Compound medium trolley BLF15291

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Designed and made in Italy, this medium trolley from the Life Collection is built to last. It’s in Bric’s iconic suede-look material, the waterproof, extra durable result of fine-tuned artisanal production processes. Everyday use will give it a vintage look, making it even more unique. The structure of this trolley ensures stellar performance: the outer fabric has been applied to a self-supporting, crush-resistant structure that’s hard at the sides. This ensures it will stand up to impact and, because it ‘remembers’ its original shape, it won’t warp – no matter what. The inside is lined in fabric that’s on-tone with the outer material. The front zip pocket holds items that are essential to always have to hand. The main compartment of the trolley is opened by a double-slide zip. Integrated TSA lock. The four swivel wheels move quietly and rotate a full 360° for guaranteed manoeuvrability, equipped with ball bearings that create a smooth ride. The wheels are recessed to maximise the capacity of the suitcase. To ensure comfort and ease of use, the retractable handle is made up of robust, sturdy aluminium tubes with intermediate stop positions and an ergonomic grip. Integrated address tag carrier. The exterior is trimmed by carry handles and details in real leather, a distinguishing Bric’s detail.

Material: PVC with a cotton and viscose flock
Weight: 4,5 Kg
Dimensions: 51x74x33 Cm
Features: 4 wheels

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