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Venetian Travel Bag from the Murano Collection, the Venetian Island famous for its precious Glass

This article is one of the oldest, but it lives in a timeless dimension. This is why it is always up-to-date and a must for travelers who need the essentials. First, the large and diverse internal organization with large and small hinges. Secondly, the Murano version takes on unique and exciting shades of color.

Then the elegant and inimitable design is characterized by an external magnet pocket and a sturdy handle. While the multiple internal pockets allow you to organize daily or travel material. The inevitable Murrina and the contrasting microfiber complete the unique and inimitable look that make this bag an enviable product. In addition, this little gem is full not only of ancient charm and modernity, but also of magic. A bag created with such harmony can only give you joy.

Material: vegetable tanned leather and microfiber
Handmade in Italy
Closure: zip closure with Murrina detail
Width: 40 cm
Height: 32 cm
Depth: 16 cm
Handle: double handle
Lining: lined interior
Pockets: external pocket and internal pocket
Shoulder Strap: adjustable belt shoulder straps, optional shoulder strap

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